FTI – Redefining Polymer Technology

FTI is a leading producer of fibre-reinforced polymers, working primarily with customers in the oil and gas and mass transit industries. FTI products and systems have been widely specified over the last fifteen years for oil and gas majors like Shell, BP and Total. Our focus is on innovation – creating novel materials to combat corrosion under insulation, solve problems, reduce process times and protect lives.

In the oil and gas industry, corrosion under insulation (CUI) has always been a major issue. FTI has created and developed a range of unique, proprietary systems which significantly outperform conventional metal cladding for corrosion under insulation CUI and therefore hugely improve the long-term integrity of pipelines and plant – cutting costs and improving health and safety along the way.

Mass transit operators such as the aerospace and rail industries need reliable sources of high-quality components in large volume. And, increasingly, at the lowest cost consistent with excellent fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance and processing health and safety.

FTI has developed a number of new, unique materials specifically designed to cut the processing cost of internal and lining parts, while improving operative conditions by minimising or eliminating toxic output. As an example, our new phenolic prepreg, FibaRoll PH, will process and cure in only 10% of the standard cycle times and has ultra low levels of free formaldehyde. 

At FTI we have a history of working hand-in-hand with our customers to develop the products and systems they need. We look forward to working with your business to help answer your problems in the same way.


Phenolic Prepreg Video

phenolic prepreg FTI FibaRoll GRP aerospaceClick to Play

Key Features and Benefits – See main FibaRoll PH page:

• Quick cure and cycle means greater productivity
• No additional heat up or cool down time in the tool
• Easy storage with no freezers
• Low free formaldehyde
• Great finish after cure

FTI Phenolic Foam Video

phenolic foam in place polymer FibaTherm FTIClick to Play

Key Features and Benefits – See main FibaTherm page:

  • excellent FST characteristics
  • good compressive strength to take load (no friability)
  • easy to process and quick to cure
  • can be moulded into different shapes and densities


FibaClad Termination GRP corrosion under insulation


FibaClad™ is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) delivered as pipe sections and, for vessels and tanks, flat sheets ready for application over insulation. Overlaps are sealed with adhesive.


GRP FibaRoll


FibaRoll is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), cured by exposure to natural light or by using metal halide or LED artificial light sources. Depending on the extent of the application, FibaRoll is generally…


GRP Fibashield reinforced

FibaShield (Pre-insulation)

FibaShield is FTI’s innovative, proprietary system designed to pre-insulate and protect pipes in a workshop, prior to welding into final position. Moving this process off-site and at ground…


FibaWearPads reinforced GRP glass fiber


FibaWearpad is a pre-moulded GRP pipe-section, manufactured to the client’s requirements of thickness and segment angle and designed to fit under and adhere to a pipe at the point of a support….. 



phenolic prepreg FTI FibaRoll GRP aerospace

FibaRoll PH 

Revolutionary new FibaRoll PH phenolic prepreg, cures in five minutes at 140°C in a press and can be stored in ambient conditions for three months. The aerospace and rail industries…


FibaTherm core material phenolic foam burn test


Technically a syntactic foam with good compressive strength, FibaTherm can be supplied in blocks to be machine cut, pre-cut or as a two-component liquid to be moulded into .. 


FibaSil jet fire test


As part of its ongoing programme of innovation with fibre-reinforced products, FTI has now created FibaSil – an inorganic silicate coating, reinforced with glass fibre, which has excellent…



Pre Insulation Pengarang Malaysia


 Case Study – Pre-insulated pipes for Petronas, Malaysia

The RAPID project in Malaysia has a jetty which is 2.5km long, with expansion loops which carry three LNG and several petrochemical product lines. The LNG lines were to be 42”, 30” and 8” in diameter. Petronas and their subcontractors Samsung and Dialog decided to use FTI’s unique insulated piping system FibaShield, due to its constructional and cost benefits. The FibaShield system comprises PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam, PAP (polyester / aluminium / polyester) foil and reinforced polyester jacketing.


corrosion under insulation CUI FTI Offshore


Case Study – BP Quad 204 & Clair Ridge

Quad 204 FPSO, also called Glen Lyon, and the Clair Ridge Platform were built by BP to service fields in the North Sea, west of Shetland, Scotland. BP specified FibaClad as a result of poor experience with another non-metallic cladding system. FTI’s factories in the UK and Korea then combined to supply 50,000 pairs of fittings and 55,000 linear metres of straights to the projects, which were built by HHI in South Korea.  The scope of the work included insulation cladding for hot, cold and acoustic service.


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