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Pre insulation FTI International

Redefining protection technology

FTI is a leading manufacturer of non-metallic insulation cladding for the oil and gas market. Our unique products, such as FibaClad and FibaRoll, help us deliver innovative solutions to the oil and gas majors on their LNG, FLNG, FPSO and Offshore projects worldwide. Since 1995 we have supplied over two million square metres of cladding to projects all around the globe.

Established in 1995, FTI set up a new, dedicated UK factory in 1997 and then in 2013 opened facilities in South Korea to help support the shipbuilding yards in that country and the surrounding region.  We also have an independent manufacturing facility in the USA. In addition to these production bases, we have a sales office in Singapore and distributors in the USA, Russia and the Middle East.

Apart from these two permanent factory locations we have mobile equipment which can be set up anywhere in the world to provide FibaShield pre-insulated piping. This application method is especially suitable for jetty lines and pipe racks on LNG and petrochemical plants, giving significant improvements in health and safety, scheduling and cost.

We value technical support as an essential part of any insulation cladding solution. This starts with engineering and design support, and continues right through the project with the provision of contractor training, project monitoring and inspection. During this time we work closely with the client’s quality control and inspection engineers to ensure that our cladding systems are applied correctly.

At FTI we have developed a number of innovative products over the past twenty years and consider this innovative drive as part of the DNA of the company. We continue to research and develop cutting edge products and systems which reduce the costs of building and running complex industrial plants.

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