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FTI History


FibaRoll / FibaClad / FibaShield (Pre-insulated)

It is worth noting that the dates below are start times and that indeed many applications have been adopted into site specs and are used on a day-to-day basis.


1997-currentMonsanto to clad vessel tops in petrochemical plant in Antwerp.
1998To protect underground/underwater insulated lines as part of a district heating
 project in Amsterdam.
1999Paktank for the protection of a pre-insulated fire water pipe in Rotterdam.
2000-currentOn-going protection of insulated vessel tops on Shell Stanlow, UK.
2000Protection of insulated gas lines for Petronas Syngas project in Malaysia.
2000Glaxo, UK protection of insulated ductwork.
2001ExxonMobil sealing metal cladding on vessels.
2001Shell Refinery, Singapore insulated vessel.
2002Alcoa Refinery, W.Australia insulated vessels.
2003BP Grangemouth, Scotland protection of LPG spheres in conjunction with
 fireproofing 40,000 sqm.
2003BP Grangemouth protection of insulated vessel tops.
2004Das Island, Abu Dhabi protection of insulated vessels
2004-2005CNOOC/Shell Nanhai, China protection of insulated tanks, vessels and pipework
 on petrochemical plant 250,000 sqm.
2004Jordan insulated Hot Leach tanks.
2005-2008Sakhalin Onshore Gas Processing (Shell JV) protection of insulated tanks and
 pipework 100,000 sqm.
2005Enagas Barcelona LNG Import Terminal 20,000 sqm
2005Dugas, Dubai protection of insulated vessels and pipework.
2005-2008Sakhalin LNG (Shell JV) protection of insulated tanks, vessels and pipework
 300,000 sqm.
2006ExxonMobil FibaShield Pre-Insulated Pipe with Foamglas
2006-2007Enagas Cartagena LNG Import Terminal 35,000sqm
2007-2010Brunei LNG 100,000 sqm insulation refurbishment project
2007Brunei LNG Pre-Insulated Pipe replacement Vapour Return Line
2007Brunei LNG 9,000 sqm Power plant insulation replacement
2007-2008SABIC Ethylene plant, Wilton pipes/vessels – FibaClad
2007-2010Shell, Singapore Ethylene Plant 200,000sqm
2008ExxonMobil OGP plant Scotland 3 vessels
2008-2010Shell, Qatar GTL plant 200,000sqm
2008ExxonMobil St Fergus, Gas Columns, Scotland
2008ConocoPhilips, Insulated vessels, Whitegate refinery, Ireland
2009Vopak Pre-insulated pipes 8km and spherical tanks insulation cladding
2009-2010GATE LNG Pre-insulated pipes for Cryogenic loading lines
2010Lyondell Basell, Storage tank, Marseille, France
2010Exxon Mobil St. Fergus Gas Plant – column
2011Woodside Ethylene Sphere- FibaRoll, NW Australia
2011Exxon Mobil St. Fergus Gas Plant – column (first with FibaClad pre- cured sheet).
2012Sellafield – FibaRoll ductwork repairs 1400sqm
2012Phillips 66 Humber Refinery – FibaRoll protection of insulated column domes
2012Vopak Butadiene Pipeline project – pipe insulation
2012-2013Singapore LNG Terminal Project – pipe and equipment insulation
2013Dunkerque LNG Terminal, France – pipe pre-insulation
2013-2014Vopak Evonik Methionine Project, Singapore – piping insulation
2013-2014Shell Chemical Seraya Grease project, Singapore – tanks and piping insulation
2013/4Dunkerque LNG
2014Shell ECC BDN Project, Singapore – equipment and pipe insulation
2014Zeebrugge LNG, Belgium – pipe pre-insulation
2014SLNG Singapore
2014 / 15Apache Gas Plant, Scotland – vessels and pipework
2015 / 16RGT 2 Pengerang, Malaysia – pre-insulation of piping



1996-1997P&O Nedlloyd 7 container ships to replace Aluminium cladding over mineral wool
 on traced fuel line below decks supplying rudder motor.
1997Dutch Navy to clad insulated cold water supply line running beneath jetties subject
 to flooding.
1999-2001To clad ventilation ductwork for Maersk in 13 container ships c.25,,000 sqm
1999-2001Crescent shipping for the protection of insulated pipework on coastal tankers.
1999Stolt Tankers for protection of insulated decklines on chemical carriers.
2000Terra Nova to protect insulated risers FPSO built in Daewoo Shipyard, Korea.
2000-2003Protection of insulated decklines over Foamglas for chemical tankers built at
 Fincantieri, Italy.
2000-2002Protection of insulated decklines over mineral wool for Bibby Line.
2000Total Fina Elf offshore module.
2002Algerian LNG Tanker protection of insulated decklines.
2002PETRONAS – Insulated risers.
2002Phillips Jade offshore platform insulated vessels.
2002TotalElfFina insulated pipework offshore.
2004Conoco FPSO UK offshore insulated pipework.
2008Total – N’Kossa FPSO, Congo
2008Buzzard offshore platform (Nexen) protection of insulated vessels and piping.
2008ExxonMobil Adriatic LNG
2009Total Elgin Franklin – FibaClad & Fibaroll
2009Hess – Triton – FibaClad
2009-2010Buzzard – FibaClad & Fibaroll
2010Total Pazflor FPSO pipes/vessels FibaClad & Fibaroll
2010-2012Livorno FRSU – FibaRoll, Dubai Dry Docks
2011-2012ADM shipyards- FibaRoll & FibaClad Dubai
2011Lundin Thistle platform – FibaClad – North Sea, UK
2011-2012Apache Fortes field- FibaClad – North Sea, UK
2011ConocoPhillips – FibaClad coriolis motion sensor boxes – North Sea, UK
2012Shell North Sea assets – FibaClad
2012Apache FASP Platform – FibaClad, OGN Yard, UK
2012ConocoPhillips Jasmine Platform, Dragados Yard- Spain
2012ConocoPhillips Jasmine Platform, Rosetti Yard- Italy
2013Nexen, Golden Eagle Platform, Lamprell Yard, Dubai
2013Total, OFON Platform, Eiffage Yard, Marseille, France
2013Total, Clov FPSO, DSME Yard, Korea
2013BP Quad 204 FPSO Turret, Dyna-Mac, Singapore
2013/4BP Andrew, North Sea, UK
2014BP Bruce, North Sea, UK
2014BP Quad 204, HHI yard, Korea
2014Gorgon LNG, HHI yard, Korea
2014BP ETAP, North Sea, UK
2014Total Elgin, North Sea, UK
2014Total Akpo FPSO, Nigeria
2014Golden Eagle, Nexen – Lamprell Shipyard Dubai
2014/15BP Clair Ridge, HHI yard, Korea
2014/15Shell Shearwater, North Sea, UK
2014/15Petronas FLNG, DSME yard, Korea
2014/15Inpex Ichthys FPSO Turret, Keppel Shipyard, Singapore
2014/15GDF Cygnus Platform, Hereema Hartlepool, UK
2014/15ConocoPhillips Alder Platform, OGN yard, UK
2014/15Shell, Prelude FLNG, SHI yard, Korea
2014/15Hebron GBS, Canada – insulation protection on piping
2015Inpex Itcthys, SHI yard, Korea
2015Exxon Mobil Hebron, HHI yard, Korea
2015Shell Prelude FLNG, SBM Turret, Dubai Dry Docks
2015Chevron Mafumeira, DSME, Korea
2015BP Magnus, North Sea, UK
2015 / 16Petronas FLNG, DSME – Korea
2016Inpex Ichthys, SHI Korea
2016BP, Glen Lyon FPSO, Norway
2016Total Egina, FPSO, SHI, Korea
2016Total, NKP Barge, maintenance, Angola 2016
2016Total, Alima FPU, maintenance, Congo 2015
2016Conoco Philipps Britannia, maintenance, North Sea
2016Apache platforms Forties Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta
2016BP, Mungo platform, maintenance, North Sea
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