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FibaBond Accessory

FTI GRP FibaBond

FibaBond – dedicated bonding and sealing

Our proprietary elastomeric polymer adhesive and sealant FibaBond has high adhesive qualities and is primarily designed for the bonding and sealing of FibaClad sections and fittings. It also maintains those high adhesion properties where FibaClad is required to adhere to steel or painted finishes. It is versatile across a range of applications. It has high initial tack, is sag resistant and stays in situ without movement.

FTI has developed three grades of FibaBond to meet all FibaClad applications. Our original product and first grade of adhesive, simply named FibaBond, is used in applications where the ambient temperature is 5°C and above. FibaBond 2k is used when adhesive needs to be applied at an ambient temperature below 5°C and can be used down to – 5°C. For high temperature applications, FibaBond HT is used with FibaClad VEFR endcaps which can resist temperatures up to 135°C.

FibaBond 2k

FibaBond 2k is a highly viscous, two-component adhesive based on silane-modified polymers. It provides good adhesion, with unlimited depth of cure, for bonding FibaClad to FibaClad and FibaClad to metal. It is applied from the cartridge set, through a static mixer, with an appropriate applicator gun. Sufficient initial strength for handling is achieved after approximately 1.5 to 3 hours, with 90% of cure being reached in 24 hours.

FibaBond HT

FibaBond HT is a thixotropic two-component alkoxy cure silicone, which mixes to produce a dark grey paste. It can cure down to -5°C. It has a fast cure time with unlimited depth of cure and has been designed to bond FibaClad end caps at terminations – typically coated carbon-steel pipe. With FibaClad VEFR end caps it is recommended for use at operating temperatures up to 135°C. The adhesive comes in a two cartridge pack, mixed with a static mixing nozzle, for use with an appropriate applicator gun.

Key features and benefits

  • all FibaBond grades are engineered to be flexible to cope with thermal dynamic movement.
  • free from solvents and isocyanates
  • good UV and weathering performance
  • adhere to steel or painted finishes
  • fast cure times
  • range includes grades which cure down to -5°C
FibaClad FibaBond FRP
FibaBond HT
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