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FibaClad pre insulation piping

FibaClad – the key driver of long-term integrity

FibaClad™ is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) delivered as pipe sections and, for vessels and tanks, flat sheets ready for application over insulation. Overlaps are sealed with adhesive.

FibaClad was developed to protect insulation onshore and offshore, both in maintenance and new build. Key objectives are increasing long-term integrity, prevention of the causes of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and control of heat gain.

Significantly lighter than SS316 cladding, FibaClad is supplied as a complete range of mouldings for bends/tees, fittings, flat sheets, straights and valve boxes / flange boxes. It is now being used in preference to stainless steel and once-popular non-metallic CSPE cladding systems because of their failure rate and consequent, expensive CUI problems.

FibaClad has the mechanical strength, design integrity and sealing ability to pre-empt common failures, contributing to a major reduction in CUI and hence vastly improved long term integrity.  Non standard applications are our speciality.

piping FibaClad FTI
FibaClad Prepreg phenolic for corrosion under insulation
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Key features and benefits

• mechanically strong (withstands foot traffic) with good flexural and tensile strength
• dedicated FibaBond adhesive is supplied to provide a fully sealed system
• rapid and easy application at temperatures down to -5°C
• schedule and critical paths improved
• designed for practical removal, inspection and reuse
• good resistance to UV and chemicals generally
• available as FibaClad FR M1 grade as standard
• end-caps available resistant to 135 °C, terminated directly onto the pipe from VEFR grade
• can be used in conjunction with FibaRoll and FibaGel to form a permanently sealed system at tricky termination points, pipe clashes   and challenging applications where a mouldable product is required
• application supported by FTI’s very experienced technical services team
• designed to let water exit with drain holes
• joint PFP system with hydrocarbon pool fire and jet fire rating
• acoustic systems adapted to protect most insulation. These systems satisfy the requirements of ISO 15665 and Shell DEP 31 for    Classes A through to D
• Significantly lighter than SS316


• FTI has two manufacturing facilities in the UK and Korea and an independent facility in the US
• capacity: 1000 pairs of fittings per day

FibaClad FR M1 – Fire and Smoke

The FR M1 grade has been developed specifically for its fire and smoke properties – in order to meet the needs of the offshore oil and gas and maritime markets, as well as some of the more stringent onshore oil and gas requirements. This grade is difficult to ignite, has a short burn time, self-extinguishes and has low levels of smoke.

The system contains no halogens and therefore when burnt releases no toxic gases or dense black smoke.

The Independent Fire Tests successfully passed include: ASTM E84 – 50-10, Epiradiateur Test NFP92-501 – M1, ISO 5560-1 – MARHE <45 kW/m², IMO MSC 307 part 2 and 5 – Pass, and BS 476 class 0.

FTI FibaClad Fibatech Industries
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