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FibaClad HVAC Ducting

FTI FTI GRP CUI FibaClad HVAC ducting

Weather protection for HVAC ducting insulation

FTI’s FibaClad system is used widely for HVAC ducting in on-shore and off-shore environments to replace conventional metal type insulation jacketing. It provides an improved solution to weather protection of both thermal and acoustic insulation. FibaClad is delivered pre-moulded to suit the application and is a bespoke system made to customer requirements. The system incorporates the use of FibaRoll to ensure that all termination points can be sealed to prevent water ingress.

Key features and benefits

• weather protection for thermal and acoustic insulation
• weight saving – FibaClad can be significantly lighter than traditional systems
• robust, with little or no rework on installed products from damage during project construction
• easy to install
• HVAC Ducting doesn’t suffer galvanic corrosion
• compatible with all insulation types
• can be coated to increase life span and maintenance intervals
• removable

HVAC Ducting FibaClad FTI
HVAC Ducting FibaTech FTI Industries
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