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FibaClad Pipelines

Size FibaClad pipelines

Long-term integrity for pipelines and pipework

FTI’s FibaClad system is ideal for pipework, utilising pre-formed straight sections and fittings, in conjunction with our complementary products FibaRoll and FibaGel, to fully seal protrusions and support areas. This combined solution provides an intimate and fully sealed system, capable of preventing water ingress and therefore mitigating corrosion under insulation (CUI). The benefits of FibaClad include labour savings, long system life and subsequent reduction in maintenance costs.

Pre-formed FibaClad sections can be manufactured to accommodate virtually all sizes of pipework and insulation thicknesses, from ½” to 40” piping. FibaClad fittings come as two halves and are sealed using our own sealant and adhesive FibaBond. The simplicity of the system ensures application times are minimal, with labour savings of 30% over stainless steel cladding.

The use of FibaBond at overlap joint areas provides added mechanical strength and prevents water ingress. And the robust nature of FibaClad virtually eliminates mechanical damage due to foot traffic or accidental impact on pipelines.

Key features and benefits  (see FibaClad main page for more detail)

• mechanically strong (withstands foot traffic) with good flexural and tensile strength
• long term integrity increased, with reduced maintenance costs
• for both hot and cryogenic applications
• excellent design and sealing to prevent water ingress leading to corrosion under insulation (CUI)
• reduced labour costs for fitting
• applicable for pipes from ½” to 40” diameter

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FTI FRP FibaClad for piping
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