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FibaClad Valve Boxes

Size FibaClad pipelines

Bespoke design for removable valve boxes / flange boxes

Our original proprietary product FibaRoll is a mouldable glass-reinforced polymer (GRP), delivered on rolls and cured by exposure to light. Its ease of handling and stability mean that almost anything can be designed from it. At FTI we ourselves use FibaRoll as the starting point to make a huge variety of finished mouldings for bends/tees, fittings, flat sheets, straights and valve boxes / flange boxes. These finished components make up our FibaClad system. 

Valve boxes and flanges are essential components of any piping system and generally the insulation needs to be removable to enable quick access to equipment. This process makes traditional stainless steel boxes prone to damage, resulting in either spiralling costs for replacement or the more severe consequence of water ingress and the start of corrosion under insulation (CUI). In contrast, FibaClad valve boxes are mechanically strong and specifically designed for repeated removal and reinstatement. 

Valves are often located in areas where there is little clearance from the surrounding piping or other equipment. This can often lead to challenges in the design and installation of cladding boxes. At FTI we have a specific team of engineers tasked to conduct site assessments and take the necessary measurements to enable us to custom-design FibaClad boxes for all manner of situations. With our experts ranging from in-house engineers who are trained in Computer Aided Design to hands-on fabrication workers with more than thirty years experience, FTI has the strength in depth to support your needs and provide solutions.

Key features and benefits

• complete custom design when necessary to ensure accurate fit
• design adaptable to operator specifications
• FTI engineering team on hand to advise on specification
• mechanically strong and low incidence of damage
• designed to be removable and reinstated
• easy inspection
• a key component to prevent water ingress and therefore CUI

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FTI FRP FibaClad for piping
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