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FibaClad Vessels

vessels FibaClad FTI

Long-term integrity for vessels

The advantages of FTI’s FibaClad system can also be applied to vessels – in fact we have vast experience with FibaClad vessel applications, which include a range of on-shore and offshore projects from Angola to the North Sea. Using isometric drawings we are able to manufacture bespoke FibaClad vessel packs for bullet tanks, columns, spheres, cylindrical storage tanks and so on.

The FibaClad vessel body panels are pre-formed, along with any nozzles, in order to keep application time to a minimum. Our complementary products FibaRoll and FibaGel are used to seal areas such lifting lugs, supports and instrument lines.  

Each FibaClad vessel pack is specifically designed to accommodate the numerous factors associated with that particular vessel. These include environmental conditions, type of vessel, operating temperature and designing support structures to cope with thermal expansion. FibaClad vessel packs can be applied to both hot and cryogenic vessels.

Key features and benefits  (see FibaClad main page for more detail)

bespoke design of FibaClad components for each individual vessel
• mechanically strong (withstands foot traffic) with good flexural and tensile strength
• long term integrity increased, with reduced maintenance costs
• for both hot and cryogenic applications
• excellent design and sealing to prevent water ingress leading to corrosion under insulation (CUI)

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GRP FTI FibaClad Vessels
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