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FibaGel FTI bond

FibaGel – priming, filling, coating

FibaGel is our proprietary range of purpose-designed resin formulations. For ease and range of application there are two viscosity versions, allowing for filling and priming/coating of the resin. The two viscosities are also supplied with a choice of curing mechanisms for different circumstances.

FibaGel-UV uses ultra-violet light, with the curing time depending on light conditions – on a sunny day, the product can cure in as little as ten minutes. An interesting feature of FibaGel UV is that it will cure at very low temperatures, down to -15 °C.  

FibaGel-CC is a cold cure grade which uses an added catalyst to speed up the chemical reaction. Once the catalyst is mixed into the resin, curing can take place over 30 – 45 minutes depending on temperature.

Key features and benefits

• fully compatible with FibaClad and FibaRoll systems
• standard viscosity product can be trowelled or brushed as a filler onto a coarse substrate
• low viscosity product can be brush or roller applied as a primer or coating
• available in 1kg or 2.5kg tins

FibaGel FR UV and CC

This grade is the standard viscosity resin, which can be used for priming and filling. Application by brush or trowel allows filling of coarser substrates such as concrete or corroded pipework. This grade is available in both UV (ultra-violet light curing) and CC (cold curing) versions.

FibaGel FR Low Viscosity UV and CC

This grade allows painting by brush or roller, making it ideal for coatings and priming. Again it is available in both UV (ultra-violet light curing) and CC (cold curing) versions.

FibaGel Accessory
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