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corrosion under insulation protection

FibaRoll – the original, mouldable cladding from FTI

FibaRoll is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), cured by exposure to natural light or by using metal halide or LED artificial light sources which do not emit any harmful radiation. Depending on the application, FibaRoll is generally used on 5-10% of a project. It is used in areas where FibaClad, our GRP product delivered pre-cured to the market, cannot be utilised.

FibaRoll is used to seal tricky terminations, pipe clash areas and non-standard fittings. It is excellent for its mouldability characteristics, sealing the most challenging areas. The curing mechanism is relatively unaffected by ambient temperature – FibaRoll can be cured at minus 15°C. Unlike many polymers, the active curing ingredient is very stable until exposed to light when it cures the polymer rapidly – in the right conditions in less than sixty minutes.

FibaRoll can be stored in temperatures below 25°C for twelve months.

This product has been specified by leading oil and gas supermajors and CINI to clad and seal insulation materials since 1995. FibaRoll is usually specified in the temperature range from -160°C to +135°C to prevent heat gain and Corrosion under Insulation (CUI). 

FibaRoll has been applied successfully in very cold climates like Sakhalin, Russia (400,000 sq. m), wet climates like Singapore / China petrochemical plants (350,000 sq. m) and of course Europe and the Middle East. The installed base totals well over one million square metres for Shell alone, with the product attracting new users every year.

FibaRoll moulding

Key features and benefits additional to FibaClad (see FibaClad in products)

  • mouldable to seal the most challenging areas
  • excellent adhesion to steel at terminations
  • two main grades available, optimised for different uses – FibaRoll FR M1 & FibaRoll VEFR.


  • capacity: 2500 sq. m per day

FibaRoll FR M1

This grade has been developed specifically for its fire and smoke properties – in order to meet the needs of the offshore oil and gas and maritime markets, as well as some of the more stringent onshore oil and gas requirements. FibaRoll FR M1 is difficult to ignite, has a short burn time, self-extinguishes and has low levels of smoke. The system contains no halogens and therefore when burnt releases no toxic gases or dense black smoke.

The Independent Fire Tests successfully passed include: ASTM E84 15/50, Epiradiateur Test NFP92-501 M1, IMO A653 and IMO MSC 61 and BS476.

FibaRoll VEFR and VECR

VEFR is a high temperature version of the main FR M1 grade, with highly developed fire and smoke properties but possessing higher temperature resistance to 135°C.

VECR has fewer fire retardant additives and was developed to provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance combined with mechanical resistance. Many ordinary coatings and tapes fail simply from mechanical damage. Typical applications include the protection of buried pipes and field welds, protection of steel and concrete against chemicals and protection at pipe support areas.

Protect insulation with FibaRoll
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