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FibaRoll Non-Standard Applications

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FibaRoll non-standard applications – no matter how tricky the job!

The pages of this website illustrate some of the applications of our products. Mostly these examples are from large projects, which have often followed extensive trials and close cooperation with the operator and contractor’s staff by our technical advisers. However, our GRP products are very versatile and are used for many bespoke items and non-standard applications, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your job, no matter how small!

For example, FibaRoll is our original, proprietary glass-reinforced polymer (GRP), delivered on rolls and cured by exposure to light. It has solved multiple problems in the prevention of corrosion in the oil and gas sector, including providing a coating for protecting and rehabilitating structural steelwork. 

FibaRoll was originally used by Shell in one of the company’s first applications specifically designed to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI). However, since then, fabric and maintenance teams all over the world have found different uses for this versatile product. In our discussions and collaborations with their engineers, we have solved many non-standard problems our clients have had – from custom-designing flange and valve boxes and clamp covers to repairing corroded containers and protecting pipes buried under the ground. 

When cured, FibaRoll provides a tough, seamless, impact-resistant coating which has high chemical resistance and is flame retardant. It is commonly used for the refurbishment of steel containers and roofs in order to extend asset life, reduce down-time and facilitate compliance with HSE regulations in a safe and cost-effective manner. 

Key features and benefits

• ease of handling and stability allow almost anything to be designed
• easily mouldable to seal the most challenging areas
• adheres to stainless steel
• adheres to concrete
• supported by FTI’s technical team to help find an answer to your non-standard problems

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FTI FRP FibaClad for piping
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