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FTI FRP fibawearpad

FibaWearpad – simple yet effective

FibaWearpad is a pre-moulded GRP pipe-section, manufactured to the client’s requirements of thickness and segment angle and designed to fit under and adhere to a pipe at the point of a support. This simple yet innovative design preserves the coating at this location, thus preventing damage to its anti-corrosion properties.

Fitting FibaWearpad is simple – no welding or hot work necessary – yet is an elegant solution to an irritating problem which can cause replacement of complete pipe runs. FibaWearpad is part of FTI’s ongoing drive to reduce corrosion and therefore improve long term integrity.

fibawearpad fiberglass reinforced plastic

Key features and benefits

  • protects pipes at a key point of potential failure, thus significantly extending plant life
  • easy application
  • highly resistant to abrasion
  • prevents crevice corrosion at pipe support beam and guide contact points
  • rapid fitting
  • no hot work required
  • high bond strength prevents “pad creep”
  • operating temperature limits -40 to +135*C
FTI FRP fibawearpad
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