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ready to ship fibashield pre insulation

FibaShield pre-insulated pipe – faster, safer, better, lasts longer!

FibaShield™ is FTI’s innovative, proprietary system designed to pre-insulate and protect pipes in a workshop, prior to welding into final position. Moving this process off-site and at ground level in controlled conditions has significant benefits for health and safety, cost, scheduling, on-site labour requirement and overall quality and performance.

Key features and benefits

  • equipment can be mobilised to a workshop anywhere in the world
  • experienced operators run the plant, train local staff and manage the quality and safety of the project
  • full engineering support for the facility and piping engineers responsible for layout and pipe stress
  • fire-proofing to any level can be incorporated into the system
  • improved safety from working in a workshop rather than on site (often at a height and exposed to the climate)
  • reduction in total man-hours by c.50%
  • cost reduction from reduction in pipe support costs, scaffolding, materials, man-hours and associated expenses
  • improved schedule from removal of man-hours from critical path
  • reduced costs of maintenance from redesign of pipe support interface
  • improved insulation performance, quality and reduction in maintenance


  • pre-insulation capability for 6” – 42” pipe diameter
  • insulation specification from cryogenic temperatures -190°C to high pressure steam temperatures
  • capacity: a typical unit can supply one to two kilometres of pre-insulated pipe per month. Units are easily scaleable if higher volumes are required.
pre insulated piping FibaShield
FibaShield pre insulated FRP
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