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Thermal Insulation

FTI Insulation thermal FRP

Insulation expansion – the engineered solution

FTI’s products and systems are fully compatible with all insulation types, whether for thermal, acoustic or fireproofing purposes. Furthermore, our bespoke FibaClad systems are tailored to allow for the potential expansion or shrinkage of the specific insulation chosen, taking account of its expansion performance across the full range of temperatures anticipated. To achieve this, we have a team of engineers which supports each project or enquiry, ensuring the correct tolerances are calculated so that your system can operate at maximum efficiency and keep water out.

This is particularly important with certain insulation types which expand considerably when exposed to quite modest temperatures and where operating temperatures differ substantially from ambient, for example in LNG (-163°C ). Another area where careful engineering is required to allow for movement of steel, insulation and cladding is where complex systems are used, for example in acoustic and fireproofing insulation.

Drain holes or not?

This is a subject which divides opinion. Our FibaClad and FibaRoll systems have been designed specifically to avoid water ingress and therefore minimise corrosion under insulation (CUI). However, even when installation is carried out in a reasonable manner, mistakes do happen.

So, despite the best efforts of our technical service teams and your inspection personnel to ensure correct installation, it is impossible to 100% guarantee that no water will get in. Our view is therefore that drain holes can provide a fail-safe which would alert the operator to any potential build-up of water in the insulation. Consequently we do offer drain holes as an option, normally decided by the operator.

Thermal insulation and protection FTI
FTI Thermal Insulation GRP Drain Holes
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