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FibaRoll PH SMC transport fire safety latest development FTI

FibaRoll™ PH SMC – meeting the highest fire, smoke and toxicity standards

Released on 8th September 2017

Utilising over twenty years’ experience in SMC manufacture, FTI has now employed a phenolic resin to create a fast-curing, London Underground-certified Phenolic SMC. With excellent FST characteristics, FibaRoll PH SMC brings quality and high productivity to composite components for rail interiors.


FibaClad Prepreg phenolic for corrosion under insulation

FTI announces industry’s first mechanical guarantee for cladding!

Released August 16th 2016

With traditional metal cladding systems, damage is highly likely during construction and through the service lifetime of the product. This compromises the cladding system, allowing water ingress and then subsequent corrosion under insulation (CUI) issues.  Alternative soft, non-metallic cladding systems offer little mechanical protection………


phenolic prepreg resin

FTI launches revolutionary phenolic prepreg – FibaRoll PH™

Released August 8th 2016

Traditional phenolic prepregs are slow to cure, hard to store and require substantial post finishing. But new FibaRoll PH, developed specifically for the aerospace and rail industries, cures in under ten minutes at 130°C in a press, can be stored in ambient conditions for three months and requires very little repair before finishing.


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