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Phenolic Prepreg FibaRoll PH

phenolic prepreg FibaRoll PH

FibaRoll PH Phenolic Prepreg- cheaper, safer processing of phenolic parts

FibaRoll PH, FTI’s phenolic prepreg (pre-impregnated) reinforced polymer, has been developed specifically to respond to demand for a cheaper, quicker and more efficient way to process lightweight phenolic parts. The product was engineered using a phenolic resin which is used in components specified for the London Underground because of their excellent fire and smoke properties. 

FibaRoll PH Phenolic Prepreg is delivered to the market on rolls as a tacky solid, which can be stored for three months or more; it is then cured by heat and pressure. Unlike other products on the market, when processed by compression moulding or autoclave FibaRoll PH is cured from the roll to its end shape in less than ten minutes. The phenolic prepreg has very low free formaldehyde, benefiting the operator with reduced emissions for an improved workspace environment.

Traditional phenolic prepregs are slow to cure, hard to store and require substantial post finishing. But new FibaRoll PH, developed specifically for the aerospace and rail industries, cures in under ten minutes at 130°C in a press, and there is no ramp up and cool down period and has great surface finish ready to paint. It can be stored in ambient conditions for three months.

Key features and benefits

• storage at ambient room temperature
• rapid snap-cure, 5 minutes average, always sub 10 minutes
• No additional heat up or cool down time in the tool
• very low free formaldehyde content
• engineered for compression moulding or autoclave
• multiple plies in a single stack (typically 1-3mm thick)
• multiple stacks can be pressed together
• Fire Tests Passed: Aerospace Interiors FAR 25.853, Rail Interiors BS6853 & EN45545
• delivered as a PrePreg roll 600mm or 1,000mm wide
• choice of reinforcement: Glass or Carbon
• drapeable sandwich ply for ease of moulding
• economic processing
• excellent fire and high temperature resistance
• low smoke and toxic emissions
• no halogens
• great surface finish


phenolic prepreg FTI Fibaroll
phenolic prepreg FTI FibaRoll GRP aerospace

Watch Neil Smallwood, FTI CEO demonstrate the latest breakthrough in curing phenolic prepregs for the aerospace, rolling stock and other transportation industries!

Phenolic prepreg for the Aerospace, rolling stock and transportation industries

Phenolic Prepreg Brochure 2016 2.88 MB 148 downloads

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