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Surveying and inspection services – get it right, first time!

As part of our drive to minimise our clients’ long-term costs and wasted effort, our philosophy is to ‘get it right, first time.’ So right at the start, for the more complex items of plant such as columns, tanks, spheres and vessels, we would strongly recommend utilising our site survey service.

Whilst we can provide information and pricing from construction drawings, typically these drawings can be old and missing information on items which may be have been added to the plant over the years. Items such as structural steel work, cable trays and protrusions are rarely detailed on construction drawings yet significantly impact on designing, pricing and fitting the insulation and cladding system.

Our surveying personnel are all experienced in on- and offshore projects. A full survey of an item of plant will provide detailed ‘as fit’ drawings for the FTI FibaClad system, thereby minimising the risk of the cladding system not fitting when delivered to site. When properly specified, the FibaClad system is designed for ease and speed of fitting, thereby reducing labour costs.

NB As detailed elsewhere, we recommend that site thermal insulation engineers are fully trained in the use and fitting of the system. FTI provides complete theoretical and practical training in the methodology and fitting of the FibaClad and complementary FibaRoll system. After training, the TIE’s or operatives will be issued with ID cards, to confirm they have completed our training course and are competent in fitting the system.

FTI FibaRoll inspection GRP

When it comes to inspection, the growth in demand for innovative non-metallic cladding, such as the FibaClad GRP system, means that it is vital that all inspectors should be well versed in this subject. In particular they should be aware of what the system is, how it should be fitted and what to look for during final inspection. This is necessary to ensure that the system has been fitted and fully sealed in compliance with FTI recommendations before acceptance on behalf of the client.

However, typically many asset owners employ third-party inspectors to inspect and provide detailed reports on the condition of thermal insulation and cladding systems. Whilst these inspection engineers are normally very experienced in disciplines such as corrosion and coatings, they receive very little training in the subject of thermal insulation and protective cladding systems.

Alternatively, engineers from FTI’s technical services team can provide site and asset inspections which are totally focused on the integrity of the thermal insulation and cladding system. They will ensure that the system has been fitted in strict accordance with FTI recommendations, with particular emphasis on termination points such as valves, flanges, supports and protrusions – always the first point of entry for water, with the ensuing risk of corrosion under insulation. Following inspection, the client will receive a fully detailed report on the condition of the system.

Use of FTI’s inspection services is the final link in the chain to achieve the goal of long term integrity of the plant and its cladding system. And, thereby, to achieve maximum performance over its entire life cycle.

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