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Material Take Offs (MTO)

FTI MTO Material Take Off

Material take offs – Working together for accuracy and efficiency

At FTI our aim is to work closely with our clients throughout the quotation process, from initial enquiry through to order realisation, in order to ensure that the correct set of components is quoted, ordered and delivered for a complete FibaClad system. Our staff are on hand to provide technical support, site surveying, and detailed quotations for Material Take Offs (MTOs) and/or technical drawings. And you can be confident that our extensive experience with insulation systems enables us to provide support for all manner of designs and installations, both off-shore and on-shore.

Key features and benefits

• quotations are based on the client’s own piping MTOs
• site surveys conducted by trained and experienced staff
• client support all through the enquiry process
• bespoke solutions can be designed and quoted across a wide range of plant and equipment

Bespoke solutions

FTI’s diverse range of products and material grades allows us to provide solutions for all manner of applications. While regular quotations will be based on the client’s piping MTOs and provided in our own format, we are also able to provide specific quotations for equipment, vessels and other bespoke and project-specific items. This is normally achieved through technical drawings from the client and site surveys by our trained staff to accurately assess the design and dimensions of the materials required.

Material Take Off FRP FTI
FTI FRP MTO Take off
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