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Specification Writing

Specification Writing FTI

Specification design and review services

Within FTI we have many years’ collective experience in the marine and offshore, LNG, process and petrochemical industries, and are market leaders in GRP cladding and engineering. As part of our range of services, we provide a specification design and writing service to give our clients access to best engineering practice in our field.

It can be very difficult for engineers to ensure that insulation and cladding specifications are up to date and compliant with all relevant industry standards and requirements. With so many, continuously-changing global insulation standards and the advent of new materials and methods, existing specifications can very quickly become out of date.

Our specification design encompasses all aspects of thermal insulation, acoustic solutions and passive fire protection (PFP). We have a strong focus on prevention of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and provide practical and robust solutions for this complex issue. We collaborate with all the major thermal and acoustic insulation and PFP manufacturers, to ensure that our FibaRoll and FibaClad GRP systems are compatible with all types of insulation.

Using our experience and our links with those industry manufacturers, FTI also provides a specification review and re-writing service. We will ensure that your existing insulation specification is current in terms of all the applicable industry standards, both local to country and globally, and up to date with the latest insulation, fire protection and acoustic solutions and application methodology.

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